Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can You Name This NBA Baller Reppin "Pinky" From The Movie "Friday After Next" On Halloween

Try and Name this NBA baller representing "PINKY from the movie "Friday After Next" he definitely went in, 50 Cent aka Pimping Curley better watch out. Hilarious Shot out to the folks for the pic!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lakers Get RINGS and Smash Clippers On Opening Night

The LA Lakers came out and accepted there rings and spanked the Clippers while they gear up for another run. And Kobe Bryant is focuse so watch out wood b defenders.

It's official the NBA season has begun and last night Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs took on the Boston Celtics. A lot of folks think this will be the match up in the Eastern Finals. After watching the game I could not help but think about what impact if any did SHAQ really have on the game, very little and I know it's just there first game but everybody know SHAQ will not last the entire season. The Celtics with Paul Piearce leading the way in the fourth won the game but Lebron James did his normal thing like reject some cats and make some highlights but the one thing he can't do that KOBE does is close out games. Peace

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clippers vs Warriors Highlights

Clipper and the warriors highlights two teams that have one direction and that should be up, because both organazation have spent the past ten years living at the bottom of the NBA. Let's all pray for a uplifting season for Clipper and Warrior fans.

Top 10 Lebron James Plays 2009

These are the top ten plays picked by NBA dot com for Lebron James in 2009.

Carmello Anthoney On Jimmy Kimmel Looks Nervous?

NBA Star Carmello Anthoney sat down with jimmy Kimmel for a interview on his show. One thing I noticed is that Carmello looked serious when he said Syracuse University his old school for one year should give him a degree for all the money he is donating. Now this has been a reoccurring problem with Carmello saying ignorant shit that makes him look exactly what he is a spoiled selfish pampered athlete. First he makes the donation for a tax write off and for his image, so he can say how he gave back. And if you want a degree be a real example and take the courses like everyone else and get your degree. It is clear Carmello Anthoney still has a lot of growing up to do.

NBA All Star Rookie Challenge 1997 With KOBE

This is the Fourth quater of the 1997 All Star NBA Rookie Challenge staring Kobe Bryant. Let's watch the beginning of the Mamba.